Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before School Breakfast Ideas

It’s important for parents and kids to get their day off to a healthy start. Cereal and milk are great but sometimes you just want something different! Instead of processed breakfast foods try these yummy, quick options!

Egg Mug
I am a big fan of Hungry Girl!! She has great ideas and suggestions in her daily emails. I’m not sure if she invented the Egg Mug recipes but she sure has some fun ones!

Egg Muffins

I tried Egg Muffins several years ago when the South Beach Diet was popular. These are a low-carb, high protein, make-ahead breakfast option. You can customize the ingredients to your family’s tastes!

Oatmeal is a tried and true breakfast favorite. Make the instant kind in the microwave and then add your own fruit toppings. Add some ground flax seed or wheat germ for extra vitamins and fiber. Try making it with soy or coconut milk instead of water. Quaker Oats also has some fun topping ideas online.

Smoothies aren’t necessarily a quick option but they can be very healthy. Try doing Smoothie Wednesdays so you only have to make them once a week. We like to use frozen fruit without added sugar, yogurt and orange juice. You can add protein powder to make it more filling (I suggest vanilla flavored). You can also add some flavored extracts to give it a unique flavor. We especially like almond extract! Flavor with no calories! Just put your ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. If you plan to make these a lot you might want to invest in a really good blender. The frozen fruit can really beat it up!

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